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 UNIT 7 


Representing natural inland or coastal scenery.

To be painted on a glazed Porcelain surface AT LEAST 8inches or 20cm diameter.

As always, work must be painted without assistance and painted specifically for this Unit Standard judging.

    ●  NO Bone China
    ●  NO Ceramics
    ●  NO Porcelain Bisque
    ●  NO Porcelain Canvas
    ●  NO Monochrome
    ●  NO Lustre
    ●  NO Frosted Metallics
    ●  NO Pen & Wash
    ●  NO Commercial Grounding

Tiles must be suitably framed, but must NOT be under glass.

JUDGING: Read General Judging Guidelines and Judging Guidelines, etc. on Pages 2 - 6 of the "Porcelain Art Teachers New Zealand Judging Guidelines" booklet or here on our site.


❖ Look for a centre of interest - a dominant object. Everything else should lead the eye to this.

❖ Look for a variety of shapes in rocks and trees.

❖ Look for a negative/positive relationship between the sky and land/sea.

❖ Look for perspective and good size relationship of objects, one to another.

❖ Is there sufficient light and shade to give form to trees, buildings, etc?

❖ Ensure there is only one light source.

❖ Recognition of atmospheric perspective (as in Leonardo da Vinci's painting notes).

   1. Diminution of size

   2. Diminution of detail

   3. Greying of colour - warm to cool for sense of depth.


❖ Tonal value is crucial to the finished effect.

❖ Close objects will have the strongest lights and darkest darks.

❖ As objects recede they will show less detail and less contrast.

❖ Distant objects will have lights and darks merging.

❖ Does the colour suggest a mood? A dull day - a sunny day?