Kaye Hurn

Member of the Tauranga Porcelain Art Association
APAT (Australasian Porcelain Art Teachers Association)
IPAT (International Porcelain Art Teachers Association)
PPIO (Porcelain Painters International Online)
PATNZ (Porcelain Art Teachers NZ)

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Bio & Gallery

The term ❝china painting❞ or ❝porcelain art❞ usually refers to the method of painting on white glazed porcelain objects. The paint used is an overglaze paint, which means it is designed to be used on top of already glazed porcelain.

Painting on porcelain is an ancient art, the process was developed over two thousand years ago and is thought to originate in China.

I have been involved in Porcelain Art (Oil on Porcelain) for the last 30 years. I am passionate about helping to keep this very ancient art alive, and until recently have held weekly classes in my home and been actively involved in the local Porcelain Art Club in Tauranga, where I live. "My first love is painting roses as you will see below!"

My main background education in this field of art has been the privilege to attend schools in New Zealand, Australia and the USA. Methods of Porcelain Art have changed over the centuries as education and experimenting have discovered better methods of applying the pigments, more modern and automatic kilns make firing each application of paint easier, and increasingly creative ways to experiment with new products have added new dimensions to the world of Porcelain Art.

I am a member of the Tauranga Porcelain Art Assn, APAT (Australasian Porcelain Art Teachers Assn), IPAT (International Porcelain Art Teachers Assn), PPIO (Porcelain Painters International On Line), and PAT (Porcelain Art Teachers (NZ).

Enjoy, and appreciate this fine art.

Kaye E. Hurn

❝Quality is never an accident, but the result of high intention!❞

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1-Blue PoppiesBlue Poppies 2-12 inch Platter12 inch Platter 3-Grapes on SquareGrapes on Square 4-Lustre and PoppyLustre and Poppy 5-Roses 'n ScrollsRoses 'n Scrolls 6-Roses 'n Scrolls (Close Up)Roses 'n Scrolls (Close Up) 7-Roses 'n BubblesRoses 'n Bubbles 8-Pansy BallPansy Ball 9-Rose BowlRose Bowl 10-Lustre, Enamel and Paint Vase (Front)Lustre, Enamel and Paint Vase (Front) 11-Lustre, Enamel and Paint Vase (Back)Lustre, Enamel and Paint Vase (Back) 12-Roses and Lustre Reflected on MirrorRoses and Lustre Reflected on Mirror 13-Lustre with Centre PieceLustre with Centre Piece 14-Roses 'n ShapesRoses 'n Shapes 15-Roses on SquareRoses on Square 16-Roses on Stand (Close Up)Roses on Stand (Close Up) 17-Roses on StandRoses on Stand 18-TeaTea 19-Trumpet Flowers on SquareTrumpet Flowers on Square 20-Tulips in Bowl20-Tulips in Bowl 21-Vietnamese Rice BowlVietnamese Rice Bowl 22-10 inch Ginger Jar Front10 inch Ginger Jar Front 23-10 inch Ginger Jar Side10 inch Ginger Jar Side 24-10 inch Ginger Jar Back10 inch Ginger Jar Back 25-10 inch Bowl, Trumpet Flowers & Gold Metallic10 inch Bowl, Trumpet Flowers & Gold Metallic 26-10 inch Bowl with Lustre, Pansies, Blue-Grey Metallic in Bowl10 inch Bowl with Lustre, Pansies, Blue-Grey Metallic in Bowl 27-12 inch Bowl, Gold Metallic12 inch Bowl, Gold Metallic web page lightbox by v5.6