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My voyage into porcelain painting began 30+ years ago when time permitted and I wanted to follow on from my art based education. From my first lesson I was infatuated. My dining room table was my studio and eating dinner for the family was relegated to their knees - Oh well that's life - I painted every night and would have several pieces ready for teacher inspection and firing at the next lesson.

I wanted to master all the techniques and products available. There were paint in days with local tutors which were wonderful and their work was awe inspiring. Later there were overseas tutors and their seminars were brilliant and full of ideas to enhance the simplest of designs.

When researching a design it pays to spend time looking for the right one for the piece of porcelain be it a plate, a tile or a box - One tutor said, ❝It takes 70% research and 30% painting to achieve a completed piece.❞ Even today I spend many hours reading and practising techniques and trying new products to enhance my pieces.

This is a really inspiring art form and I have a goal to pass my enthusiasm onto my pupils and encourage them to excel and continue to pass on the knowledge gained in class to others who may be master painters in the future. I look forward to encouraging others to take up this ancient art form to ensure it is not lost.

On a final note yes I am passionate about Porcelain Art and everywhere I travel I look for inspiration in nature or galleries.

Monica Martin

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Blue & GoldBlue & Gold Catwalk Girls Blue Poppy Platter Cat Cameo Flowers In The Green Forget Me Nots (First Piece) Girl In Cameo Girl On A Swing sGolden Daisies Japanese Lady And Cherry Blossoms Japanese Lady And The Moon Modern Trees Pheasant In Miniature Portrait Of A Lady