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 UNIT 6 

The size of the painted portrait must be sufficiently large to convince the judges of your ability to paint this Unit. It MUST be painted on a glazed porcelain surface of AT LEAST 8inches or 20cm diameter. The portrait must show both eyes.

    ●  NO Ceramic tiles
    ●  NO Bone China
    ●  NO Porcelain Bisque
    ●  NO Porcelain Canvas
    ●  NO Monochrome
    ●  NO Penwork
    ●  NO Fairies
    ●  NO Santas
    ●  NO Pixies
    ●  NO Clowns or Caricatures etc.
    ●  NO Lustres
    ●  No Frosted Metallics
    ●  NO Commercial Grounding

As always, work must be painted without assistance and specifically for this Unit Standard judging.

Tiles must be suitably framed, but must NOT be under glass.

Portrait must be large enough to convince the judges you are competent in this subject. A photo must be supplied with this unit.

JUDGING: Read General Judging Guidelines and Judging Guidelines, etc. on Pages 2 - 6 of the "Porcelain Art Teachers New Zealand Judging Guidelines" booklet or here on our site.

FIRING: Colours must be well matured. NO chipping, NO dull patches.


❖ Portrait must have good tonal form, i.e. person must not look flat.

❖ Are there good eye highlights?

❖ Does the hair look real?

❖ Have the various ❛planes❜ been created by use of shading, i.e. in the eye sockets, under the chin, etc?

❖ The flesh should look alive.

❖ Eyes should not be overdone and dominate the face.

❖ Teeth should be understated.

❖ Background should complement the portrait and not take over.


❖ Is the portrait too small or too large for the piece?

❖ Does the subject (person) have some ❛outlook❜ or is it painted into the whole area with no negative space?

❖ Does the subject look comfortable?

❖ Does the person hold your interest?