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 UNIT 15 

To be painted on a glazed porcelain plate, tile or other suitable porcelain shape, no less than 8inches or 20cm.

    ●  NO Bone China
    ●  NO Ceramics
    ●  NO Porcelain Bisque
    ●  NO Porcelain Canvas
    ●  NO Grounding
    ●  NO Dusting
    ●  NO Metallics
    ●  NO Penning
    ●  NO Lustres or textural effects

Tile must be framed, but NOT under glass.


A colour harmony using only ONE HUE with its tints, tones and shades. Black, White and Gray are Achromatic and are not colours so may be used to produce a tint, tone or shade of the chosen Hue.

    ✦  Single Hue plus White - Tint
    ✦  Single Hue plus Gray - Tone
    ✦  Single Hue plus Black - Shade

JUDGING: General Judging Guidelines and Judging Guidelines, etc. on Pages 2 - 6 of the "Porcelain Art Teachers New Zealand Judging Guidelines" booklet or here on our site.

FIRING: Good even glaze.


Design must suit porcelain allowing emphasis for good tonal values for both design and background.


❖ (A) Design painted using Achromatic tonal values first fire.

Further applications to be monochromatic with chosen Hue.


❖ (B) Design painted using one Hue with its tints, tones and shades,


❖ (C) Rookwood Style - painted (no dusting) using one Hue with its tints, tones and shades.


❖ Is it Monochromatic?

❖ Look for clarity of Colour (no mud).

❖ Good tonal value.