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The art of painting on porcelain and how the old masters achieved such great pieces has always amazed me. They all had such a diverse repertoire of styles and designs - not unlike today's artists whose individual competencies seem endless. My interest in this art form began early on in my life, so when I was given the chance to learn to paint on porcelain I was excited and delighted at the prospect. I gratefully took up the opportunity presented me and so launched my LOVE of artistic expression using this medium.

I joined a group of talented porcelain artists who inspired me and guided me - who helped me discover my own creative style. This learning complemented my aesthetic sensibilities in drawing inspiration from my immediate surroundings. From forget-me-nots (my first small plate), to floral, scenes, animals, birds and portraits, to modern work, I have always enjoyed learning. I feel we never really stop learning - the well of inspiration never runs dry - there are literally no bounds to the possibilities our imagination presents us with.

Thirty years of painting has taught me a lot and given me a lot. Each piece I begin is still as enjoyable as the first piece I began with all those years ago. Painting on porcelain is so personalised. It is such a beautiful medium that never ceases to draw my own artistic expression out of me. Even the challenge of painting a piece with intricacies and complexities gives me pleasure. The beauty of painting on porcelain is that each of my pieces is a one-of-a-kind creation. My desire when I use paints, lustres, or enamels is to make a lasting impression, whether it be a plate, urn, tile, or any of the myriad of other shapes and surfaces available to artists these days.

Nothing in painting on porcelain is permanent until it is fired - that is the beauty for experimental work - changing one's mind then becomes easy. At times, as a piece begins its life in my hands I envisage how I would like to work with it. I try to capture my artistic vision of the piece, then as I progress, if the painting takes a twist or a turn it is just fine with me. When I'm happy, into the kiln it goes.

The beautiful thing is there are so many inspirations in the world around us it can become interesting too in the choice of what you like to paint. I encourage anyone who has an interest to learn to paint on porcelain to just "go for for it." You don't have to be the greatest artist in drawing, but if you see colour and form you will ALWAYS enjoy this art form. Friendships with other porcelain painters domestically and internationally is also a wonderful bonus and a really enjoyable part of a painter's life. People with a like minded passion for painting on porcelain always have a lot in common and from this springs a lot of talk and naturally an exchange of [sometimes] thought-provoking ideas.

Happy painting!
Lynette Smith

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