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 UNIT 3 

Must be painted on a glazed porcelain plate, tile or other suitable porcelain shape at least 8inches or 20cm.

    ●  NO Bone China
    ●  NO Ceramics
    ●  NO Porcelain Canvas
    ●  NO Porcelain Bisque
    ●  NO Monochrome
    ●  NO Lustre
    ●  NO Frosted Metallics
    ●  NO Commercial Grounding

If framed, it MUST NOT be under glass. As always, work must be painted without assistance and painted specifically for this Unit Standard judging.

Tiles must be suitably framed, but must NOT be under glass.

Penwork must predominate. In other words the picture must be complete even if the wash were to be removed. Shadow, texture detail must all be achieved by pen. Endless varieties of pen strokes can be used, hatching, cross-hatching, dots, diagonals, etc. You can either start with your washes of colour using standard onglaze colours and then pen your design, or the other way around.

JUDGING: Read General Judging Guidelines and Judging Guidelines, etc. on Pages 2 - 6 of the "Porcelain Art Teachers New Zealand Judging Guidelines" booklet or here on our site.

FIRING: Colours must be well matured. NO chipping, NO dull patches.


❖ Look for expressive lines using a variety of strokes - hatching, cross-hatching, dots etc.

❖ Try to imagine the wash removed - would the pen work make a meaningful painting. (You may gain inspiration from Ev Hales article on the subject, page 14/15, June 2002 Australian Porcelain Decorator.)


❖ Has the porcelain been chosen well for the subject.

❖ The pen work may be in the style of naturalistic, pointillism, naivety, simplification, etc. but the pen work must predominate.


Work must be Polychrome - Monochrome unacceptable. Look for shadow areas to be rendered in pen and enhanced with colour. The real value must come from the pen.