Below is an example of a student's base kit. However, your teacher will guide and advise you to ensure your kit contains exactly what you need to start learning how to paint on porcelain.


Square Shader  Size ⅛ ¼ ½ - Hair Squirrel - Brand Hayden/Ceradec

Pointer  Size No.1 or No.0 - Hair Sable

2 x Cheap Watercolour Brushes  Size ¼ - Brand FAS

Miscellaneous Items

Palette Knife 2½" Blade

1 x Rubber Pencil - Brand Staedtler

Pen Holder SizeHunt 107 Nib

Mineral Turps for cleaning brushes

Pure/Gum Turps for working with products

1 x metre of pure silk - wash, iron while damp and cut into 8inches or 20cm squares - keep in a flat box or tin

Cotton Wool Balls

Lint free cotton (old sheet) - cut into ½ metre squares or tea towel size

Round wooden toothpicks

Cotton Buds with a pointed end

Red Wipe Out Tool (WOT)

Stylus or Fine Ball Point Pen

Grinding Oil

Copaiba Painting Medium (Closed)

Aniseed Oil

2B China Graph Pencil

Pen & Pencil, Eraser, Coloured Pencils

Palette Box

2 x 6inch or 15cm Ceramic Tiles

Graphite Paper

Architectural Drafting Paper (Thin)

Powder Paints

Willoughby's - Trenton Ivory, Mixing Yellow, Hair Brown, Chartreuse, Moss Green, Black Green, Bronze Green, Water Green, Water Blue, Deep Blue Green, Pompadour 14, Blood Red, Pink for Roses, Violet of Iron, Black

Degussa Orange

Helen Humes Pecan, Mulberry

Ruth Little Brown Pink